INITIAL x Mika Ninagawa Crossover Collection

Evolving from the theme of "Flourishing Flowers" from spring, MIKA NINAGAWA and INITIAL collaborate once again to introduce a summer clothing line that delves into the exploration of self and surroundings.

Drawing inspiration from the perspective of a butterfly, this collection embarks on a journey to unravel the intricate relationship between oneself and the environment.

Departing from NINAGAWA’'s signature vibrant floral prints, the summer season also features either one of her kind enlarged vivid print or abstract black-and-white butterfly patterns. Utilizing sheer fabrics, the collection incorporates lightweight mesh layers that resonate with the changing seasons.


Ideal for those who seek to add further character to their wardrobe, our ART & CRAFT series preserves the heritage of artisanal techniques through our contemporary style. Our latest Spring Indigo series is no exception, which shows a deep appreciation for traditional craftsmanship with an artistic touch.

Indigo's charm has never faded for its ability to exude a perfect balance between classic style and contemporary fashion. It is also a versatile color perfect for any style preference and works well with soft neutral shades such as white, cream, grey, and pale pink, creating a harmonious look that is ideal for spring.

This season, we combine crochet, embroidery, and digital printing techniques, using different shades of indigo blue as the pivotal color, to create a series of tops, cardigans, and shirts that are both timeless and current.


INITIAL boasts a balanced, global perspective. Breaking through the boundary of culture, we seek to discover the new needs and fuel our unique take on fashion. We produce our own styling.