We're thrilled to announce our first collaboration series with the legendary Japanese anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion. As one of the most highly awaited collaborations of the year, INITIAL has created a range of unisex items that perfectly complement our seasonal styles, setting new standards for anime merchandise and bridging the worlds of otaku culture and fashion.

Ever since its premiere in 1995, EVA has captivated generations with its exploration of complex themes such as human psychology, religion, philosophy and psychoanalytic theory. The release of the Evangelion: New Theatrical Edition in 2007 has once again solidified EVA's status as a true classic, thanks to its magnificent visual effects, compelling plot, and thought-provoking characters.



INITIAL boasts a balanced, global perspective. Breaking through the boundary of culture, we seek to discover the new needs and fuel our unique take on fashion. We produce our own styling.